Our expertise is in the Israeli-Palestinian High-Tech Arena

The Israeli-Palestinian High Tech arena is a a new territory for most people, Since 2008 we are working with the Palestinian High Tech Sector. GeoFree Software an Israeli Based company ran by R&D veterans who worked with many International High Tech companies to diversify their teams and accept engineers from a variety of cultural groups.


Nearshore R&D and QA

Your Nearshore Software Development Provider


  • All aspects of working with Palestinian High-Tech vendors
  • Business Development for Palestinian Companies with the Israeli/International Market
  • Integrating Diverse cultural groups into the organisation
  • Preparing diverse groups for working in an international organization

Palestinian Freelancer Software Developers

Finding and facilitating Freelancer Software developers for your needs

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Email: contact@geofreesw.com

Phone: +972 5447 000 36